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What is your New Years Resolution?

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Are you the type to make resolutions very year? Well here are some ways to achieve your goals starting now. Keep a to-do list Don't procrastinate Stay active Eat healthy Put your phone down (SM detox) Learn new skills Journal every night Sleep early Work smart & hard Have a virtual/homemade vision board Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

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Manifest wealth & abundance in your sleep

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Youtube links to listen to 1) 2) Believe & it will happen ****Side note, the only thing I didn't agree with the video was being political. Keep politics out. Besides that she made a valid point. Black women she isn't wrong. Coming from a mixed woman with a black mom.

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Meditation, Affirmation & Laws of Attraction

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I been using the apps Medito & Laws of Attraction: The Secret Manifestation Guide for a few months now. I have learned so much with daily meditation, affirmations, running my store & many other things. If you want to learn how to start your antiracist journey then please download the Medito app. I want to help get rid of racism along with any form of hate. As the owner of the store, I was raised antiracist. I don't hate anyone. I simply can't stand stupidity & hypocrites. The people who claim they trying to get rid of racism yet do...

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