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This is our Owner & CEO Risa Tsuki. She is a black and white mixed woman. She grew up in poverty with a struggling mother who was taking care of her plus her siblings. Despite growing up in poverty her mother raised her around wealthy black ladies & gentlemen. She said to her mother "I want to be like them mommy." Her mother was so proud that her child didn't want to continue the cycle of poverty. As she grew up, she continued to self teach herself business, languages, culture and history while she was out of school. Risa graduated in the top 100 of her class with a 3.6 GPA. 

Now you are wondering. Why is she goth? Risa loves vampires and all things dark, mythical and alluring. The vampire admiration fuels her makeup along side her fashion which is how we stand here today. But, we are casual because we believe being comfortable first and fashionable second.

You now know how RRLS came to be. We love to have you shop here. We are a simple and unique luxury business. Enjoy shopping with us.

*Our store is now full updated*


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