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It has come to our attention that there are so many problematic brands right now from beauty to fashion. We do not believe that the only way to grow is to be problematic or dress whore-iffying to bring in customers. You don't have to have perfect skin to shop with us, you don't have to show skin to shop with us, and importantly you don't have to be a youtuber, celebrity, or influencer to shop here. We believe in casual yet lady-like attire with a sexy mind and attitude.

You don't have to conform to the worlds standards of beauty here. Be yourself, be happy and fuck what the world thinks of you. Now when we mean whore-iffying, we are talking about dressing like a tacky prositute with no morals stealing womens man. It is very distasteful and disheartening that this is girls plus women are dressing like this. Society is losing its standards with being a baby mama as the new standards. We, one's who don't fit in that standard are always welcome. 

From our brand we believe in alternative casual classiness not will not bend to society like other brands.


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