Do Not Tell Me To Humble Myself

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To anyone who doesn't understand luxury & telling me to humble myself because I refuse to cater to the lower class.

To be humble is:

* Not to be a snob

*Being grateful for your wealth

*Not bragging about how much money you make or trying to flex

*Being kind to the unfortunate 

*Not using SM to hurt someone's reputation just because they don't want to cater to your standards or beliefs

Stop to all the people who don't have the pocket book for my store to try to intimidate me. It doesn't work on me. I am collabing with them for a reason. I have these brands working with me because I mean business & I know my demographic. My merchandise is expensive so deal with it or shop elsewhere. I will not cave to you & never will. I love myself, my brand, what I stand for, & what I believe in. 

I am the Queen of Mean so deal with it.

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