Company Designs, Art Theft, & Black Culture vs Japan

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If you support culture appropriation, art theft, support any weeaboo brands on Yt that are oblivious to the amount of disrespect they are causing then don't read. There will be a link at the bottom of my blog as to why you shouldn't support every black owned business. I am not anti-black, self hating or colorist. I believe in educating yourself on art, history, culture and languages of the world.  

I believe that there is nothing wrong with doing an anime of yourself to put on your brand or for personal use. I am an artist on the side. I look at art every day. But if you just take anyone's art without knowing what to look for and use it on your brand in the fact it looks cute. Then honestly, I am disgusted. I am a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, it made me sick to my stomach to see an copy pasta and altered Sailor Moon character plastered all over this brand. The fact that the art is stolen from Toei Animation infuriated me. I been campaigning to stop this brand from growing because they think that they are in the right. 

Instead of hiring a professional artist or using an anime avatar app to put on her brand, she was taking commissions instead. If you take art commissions not knowing there is an art protecting law along with blatantly not caring that you are stealing from a multi-million dollar company then you are scum. On instagram I even told her she was culture appropriating of Japanese Culture. She blocked me shortly after. On Twitter I called her out again, this time she has her brainwashed supporters protecting her regardless of the fact she was going to get sued. 

Everyone who was saying ignorant things while trying to think they knew what was going on and had connections. My fiance has a very far reach. For his protection, I will not speak his old band name nor his band because he is protected by Japan. Why does that part matter you may ask? Because these singers have a strong bond with Toei Animations and many others. I will be also placing my fiances visual kei years (professional singer) down below too. I find it distasteful that you have to steal from a culture that stopped stealing from black culture a long time ago. If they know that they were in the wrong, they would stop it immediately. But, it isn't culture appropriating if there are half black Japanese people who live there. So they were making invalid statements during their arguement with me on Twitter.

If you support brands like this who do not care about breaking the law then don't shop here. If you shop at YTs Ari J. or Boujee Barbiee you are welcome here. They are original and professional in every way. They have my full support and respect. They hired professionals for their branding not taking commissions. They know the consequences of doing that means legal actions from someone. Please if you are a black business owners like us go to a professional artist if you want custom work. They are doing it the right way

If any Japanese natives know who my fiance is please spread the word like fire about what is being said here. Your icons are being used without the companies permission and your culture is being disrespected to the fullest extent. 

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