Reboots of Movies & Tv Shows You Shouldn't Touch

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Hello everyone, in today's blog we will be dragging crappy reboots of movies & tv series.

*Warning- This may trigger many if you are sensitive to critiques. I will be speaking on actors,directors,screenwriters & everything in between when doing production.

Now, there have been plenty of crappy reboots from upcoming Van Helsing(2004), Hellboy Series(2004 & 08), Winx Club(2004-present), Pet Sematary(1989), and many more. I personally think that there are certain things that should be left untouched. There is a beauty about these movies & series that bring people together. It's because of these movies & tv shows we develope a way to protect ourself, grow as a person, & become creative with more possibilities of our future. Doing a reboot of these will make these fanbases very angry. Therefore, you directors & crew are wasting money on a failed project.

The Conjuring series are technically selling because they are an "entertaining" documentary on possession & demons. For me on the other hand, it was completely boring. Harry Potter can at least keep my attention even I,Frankenstien can jolt me out of my seat. Certain people need to be creative instead of doing reboots. It shows that you actually can't do better than them. You are so butthurt that everyone is fine with the originals. You doing the reboots actually lack creativity & can't do a decent story.

I said what I said. If you don't like it then as Youtuber "Real Talk With Yanie" would say, "I am giving you real talk straight no chaser. Let's see if you can handle it." I will not coddle you just because of what I said hurt your feelings. I am not for everyone. I will be brutally transparent with you regardless.

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