October Pre-Orders

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All pre-orders that were present on August 10th & 11th will be going to their assigned collection. Therefore on October 9th at 11:30pm all the pre-orders that were there will be on sale because they will be in the other collections.

If you don't buy during the sale you will be paying full price. Any other discounts can be achieved when becoming a member, reviewing what you bought and our store, signing up for our Sms notifications, & spending 1k in our store for free shipping. Also don't forget to sign up for our emailing list to recieve updates on products, discounts & more when shopping with us.

Your shopping experience is what makes us happy. Follow our Owner & CEO on Twitter @BluntVampOTAKU. She is very transparent and we thrive on being transparent as well.

Have fun shopping @ RRLS

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