They Call Me "The Queen of Mean"

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Why am I a queen of mean? I am nice but as of recently I been getting constantly disrespected. I refuse society's standards of beauty & moralities. It is sick & twisted. I will happily be a villain tos ociety until they clean up its act.

The only ones who will see the Queen of Nice is only the ones who deserve it. My friends, family, fiance & future kids. This is my turn to bite back & be what people see me. Just for being a vampire goth, classy, educated & doesn't take crap from no one.

Society vs Me the villain

  • Hoe Culture vs Classiness
  • Stupidity vs Education & Common Sense
  • False Advocacy vs True Antiracist
  • False Kindness vs True Kindness
  • Copy Pasta businesses vs Orginality
  • Tribalism vs Open minded dating pool
  • Fake Goths, Classy women, etc vs A true goth of elegance


I will be a villain for you society happily. It is you SOCIETY that made me THE QUEEN OF MEAN that you hate so much.

🎶Queen of Mean( Descendants 3)

-Thank you Disney for finally creating my anthem. I was waiting for somebody to embody my hate for how society is. 

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