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The 3 P's of Entreprenuership

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1) Patience- All good things who come to those who wait. Nothing happens overnight. Perfect your craft & get some side hustles to increase your income even invest. 2) Persistance- Never give up just because you have no sales. Stay determined & keep your head held high. Find new ways to advertise your store via SM, Google, Yandex etc. 3) Passion- Believe in yourself no matter how hard it is. If you can survive this pandemic then you will be fine.  

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What is your New Years Resolution?

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Are you the type to make resolutions very year? Well here are some ways to achieve your goals starting now. Keep a to-do list Don't procrastinate Stay active Eat healthy Put your phone down (SM detox) Learn new skills Journal every night Sleep early Work smart & hard Have a virtual/homemade vision board Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

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✨Our Remodeled Website✨

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As you know, we have had a black background for a while. Well that background was a default because we were trying to compliment our logo with colors that work. There will be an image below. But as of now, the way you see it is how it will stay. We finally delivered our luxury look to you. Enjoy your shopping☺

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We are dropping a new collection😱

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If you love luxury perfumes while looking like a billion dollars effortlessly. Then this is the collection for you. From Chanel to Burberry. We have what you are looking for. If you are going to look the part, then smell like it too. It will be coming soon.

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F. A. Q

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  What do you offer? A luxurious casual to classy experience for every woman who isn't over the top. What makes us unique & why should you buy from us? SIMPLICITY in clothing, design, & ways to save.     Why do you have normal clothes instead of gothic clothing? We think that you shouldn't stereotype goths so we give blank canvases. We want you to be unique in your own way. Do what you want with it. Show off your style. How long does it take for shipping? Depending on where you are in the world, it will give...

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